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Personal Injury

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IL accident lawyerCar accidents are traumatic events that can elicit very different reactions from witnesses and victims. The shock of the impact and repercussions of injuries may be felt immediately, or could be delayed for minutes, hours, or days. How an accident victim responds to the immediate aftermath of a car crash can make a significant difference in his/her ability to recover compensation.

Some of the actions advised are fairly obvious or intuitive, but others would not necessarily occur to a victim absorbing the shock of the accident, and knowing in advance how to act in the event of an accident can save a lot of time and effort if a lawsuit is filed at a later date.

Even if this information is viewed following an accident, it can still prove useful to a victim because it will inform him/her what to do in the days and months following the collision to both preserve and build a strong car accident personal injury lawsuit. Given that the injuries from a car accident can affect a person’s life indefinitely, putting together the building blocks of a car accident claim from the very beginning is the best way to ensure damages are paid, and an overview of what to focus on an accident scene and as part of the recovery process will follow below.

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IL injury lawyerBeing bitten by a dog can be a painful experience, even if the dog is a smaller-sized breed. In fact, in many cases, smaller breeds can be more aggressive, due to a heightened fight-or-flight response. If a dog does, in fact, bite another individual, the dog’s owner will usually be held liable for any damages caused by his/her animal. Further, in some cases, the animal may be ordered to be put down. Retaining the services of an attorney having experience in dealing with injuries allegedly caused by dog bites can be critical to recovering compensation.

Instances of dog bites happen all the time, although more often the victim is a child. Given that children are drawn to animals, and in light of the fact that, sometimes, children may tease the animal to the point of annoyance, triggering a response, one issue that sometimes comes up is that the dog was provoked into biting the injured individual. A discussion of the law in Illinois on dog bites, as well as how provocation affects the result, will follow below.

Legal Standard

In Illinois, if a dog, or other animal, actually, attacks, attempts to attack, or injures any person who is peaceably conducting himself/herself in any place where he/she may lawfully be, the owner of the animal will be held to be liable for any damages to such person, in the full amount of the injury. Further, there are two additional aspects of this law that need to be addressed. First, the injury must have been proximately caused by the animal; thus, if a dog bites an individual, and that individual later trips and breaks his/her leg, the dog owner will not be liable for any costs associated with the fracture. Second, the dog bite must not be the result of provocation.

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Il injury lawyerGoing to school is a large part of a child’s life for well over a decade, but many parents do not have the time or ability to transport the child to and from school every day. Instead, a significant number rely on county or municipal school buses to drive the child, and while precautions and standards are used to make them as safe as possible, children can still face substantial injury in a school bus accident.

Further, the many stops the buses make, coupled with the unpredictable behavior of children, present additional chance of injury that is partially addressed by enacting laws specifically related to safety precautions other vehicles must follow when driving near school buses. Some examples include stopping when the stop signal arm is extended and flashing lights engaged, as well as stopping when children are boarding or unloading generally.

Unfortunately, drivers do not always follow these rules, and the consequences can be tragic. Three siblings were recently killed, and another child hurt in northern Indiana when a 24-year-old driver hit the children crossing the street to board the bus, despite the stop arm being extended and the flashing lights activated. While responsibility in this crash is straightforward, responsibility is not always obvious. To help parents understand their rights in case their child is injured in a school bus accident, a discussion of how liability is determined will follow below.

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IL accidnet lawyerAs winter approaches, and the precipitation changes from liquid to frozen with the dropping temperatures, the risk of falling and sustaining an injury greatly increases. The seasonal dangers caused by the presence of ice and snow are well known to those who live in northern climates, but this fact does not mean all snow and ice-related injuries are mere accidents with no responsible party to place blame. The injuries resulting from these falls can be significant, some requiring surgery, and a personal injury attorney should be contacted if a fall that requires medical treatment occurs. Property owners do have an obligation to keep the premises safe for others, but the law on recovery for injuries related to snow and ice falls in Illinois is complex, and blocks many cases from proceeding.

An example of how serious these falls can be is illustrated in the case of a Greenwich, Connecticut, woman who sustained permanent injuries, including memory loss and a concussion, after falling on snow and ice in the town square. This type of dangerous accumulation is seen in numerous places over the course of a winter season, and understanding what property owners are generally obligated to do to protect third parties on the premises, as well as how courts view liability for falls from snow and ice, is essential information for slip and fall victims.

Duty of Property Owners Generally

Visitors and guests on another person’s or entity’s property are expected to be kept free from foreseeable danger and unreasonable harm. The person or business in actual possession and control of the premises is obligated under the law to exercise reasonable care to maintain the property in a safe condition or face liability if that duty is breached and someone is injured.

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Posted on in Personal Injury

IL crash lawyerCar accidents are traumatic events that can shake even the most stoic individual in the right circumstances. The violence of the impact, the shock of hitting a solid object, and the injuries that follow in many collisions, can greatly upend the accident victims’ lives and those of their families.

Serious injury can turn to tragedy when a car accident victim does not survive, and the loved ones are left to pick up the pieces as well as they can. Such a loss can be almost impossible to bear, and looking to hold someone accountable for this preventable death is a common sentiment. Assuming the other driver is equally or more at fault, the family may be able to recover monetary compensation under a wrongful death claim. Essentially, these lawsuits allow the family to stand in the place of the deceased in situations where the negligent or wrongful acts of another party caused the death. Wrongful death brings in additional elements that are not necessary for ordinary negligence cases, and a discussion of rules that govern how these cases proceed and the types of damages survivors may recover will follow below.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Action?

As noted, wrongful death suits serve to allow family members to recover for a death caused by the negligent actions of another, while also allowing additional types of damages not otherwise available. Thus, the deceased must have had a right to file a lawsuit based upon the underlying act that spurred the case. Because the goal of wrongful death suits is to account for the losses both to the victim and the family, the deceased’s estate is the only individual authorized to take this legal action. The named personal representative, or the one appointed by the court, would have this ability, along with other matters related to the estate.

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