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Bloomingdale truck accident injury lawyer

Traffic accidents can be dangerous, no matter what type of vehicles are involved. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries, and sometimes even fatalities, due to their immense size and weight. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were more than 4,600 large trucks involved in fatal traffic crashes in 2017, and approximately 107,000 trucks involved in traffic crashes that resulted in injuries. When trucks are involved in accidents, the resulting damage to vehicles and passengers can be severe.

What Are “Hours of Service” Rules?

Truck drivers do exactly that for a living--they drive trucks. This means they are typically on the road for hours at a time, which can make them very tired. This is why the FMCSA has implemented many rules to keep truck drivers and others on the road safe. “Hours of service” rules are regulations that were put in place to limit the amount of time a truck driver spends behind the wheel. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to violate these rules, but when they do, they can lead to serious accidents.

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Lombard personal injury attorney

Picture this: You are in your car, stopped at a red light. The light turns green, so you hit the gas, but all of a sudden, a car running a red light comes out of nowhere and slams into the side of your vehicle. You put your hazard lights on and get out of your vehicle, trying to assess any damage to you or your car. You talk to the other driver and ask for their insurance information, but the other driver does not have insurance. What do you do in a situation like this?

Uninsured motorist collisions happen more often than you might think. According to the latest data available from the Insurance Information Institute, approximately 13 percent, or one in eight, motorists were uninsured in the United States in 2015. Even if a person has insurance, his or her coverage might not fully cover the costs of the damages sustained in an accident. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, here are a few tips to follow:

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IL injury lawyerSending a child to school should not entail concern about whether he/she will get injured. However, when accidents do happen that result in a child being injured, it is crucial to determine if the fault lies with the child or the school. In cases where the school holds responsibility, retaining the services of an experienced premises liability or personal injury attorney can help recoup some of the costs associated with recovering from any resulting injury.

One source notes the potential for some 300 lawsuits to be filed against the NCAA relating to concussion-like symptoms suffered by football players at colleges across the country. Although the source looks at liability at the college level, it nevertheless does bring up the general question of when a school can be liable for injuries suffered by its students.

Basis for Liability

In most cases, liability to the school will be based on either the legal theories of personal injury or premises liability. In both cases, an injured plaintiff, in order to be successful, will have to show that the school did not adhere to its responsibility to keep the student free of any dangerous conditions. In either case, if it can be shown that this dereliction of duty directly caused the injury to the student, the injured student may be able to hold the school liable.

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IL injury lawyerBeing an invited as a visitor to another’s property, whether the property owner is a business or another person, carries with it some expectations. Fundamentally, the visitor can expect the property to be reasonably free of any dangerous conditions, or, if not, to be made aware of any hazards. Additionally, the visitor can expect that he/she will be safe while on the property, even if that means that the property owner provides an appropriate level of security detail. If these expectations are not met, and an injury to the visitor occurs, retaining the services of an attorney experienced in personal injury matters, and one especially focused on premises liability and insufficient security, can be crucial to obtaining compensation for the visitor’s injuries.

Recently, the estate of a teenager who froze to death after getting trapped in a hotel freezer has sued the hotel, alleging that it failed to secure the area around the freezer, which, although not used, was still accessible to the public. Allegedly, the teen walked around, visibly disoriented, past hotel staff and into the freezer, and no one attempted to stop her. A discussion of premises liability, as well as some examples of insufficient security procedures, will follow below.

Illinois Premises Liability

Premises liability is a complex aspect of the legal theory of negligence. As alluded to above, there are expectations of protection an invited visitor has when on the property of another. Uninvited visitors, such as trespassers, are given a lesser degree of protection, and typically do not have a claim if an injury occurs. The failure to meet visitor expectations may result in liability for the property owner. Accordingly, a successful injured visitor must prove each of the following elements:

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IL crash lawyerFor thousands of years, the only way to move around was by foot or through animal power. Now, with a few presses on a smartphone using a rideshare app, an individual can call a driver to take him/her anywhere. This convenience has revolutionized the way many people conduct their lives, but cannot remove the inherent risk that comes with traveling in a vehicle on a roadway, nor the risk of being in a car accident.

Driving is not an easy task and requires practice, skill, and awareness to avoid making bad decisions that can lead to collisions. Common sense would dictate that if a rideshare driver was at fault for an injury, the injured rider and other crash victims would seek compensation from rideshare company, as the entity who represented the driver was safe to transport passengers.

However, because of the way rideshare companies are structured, answering the question of who is legally responsible is difficult. Given the widespread use of rideshare drivers, understanding one’s legal rights in a car accident for recovery is vital, and an overview of how Illinois handles this issue will follow below.

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