construction zone accident, extra safety measures, Lombard personal injury attorney, Mevorah Law Offices LLC, tragic accident, trucking accidentIn July, two fatal accidents in a construction zone along Interstate 55 in the state of Illinois claimed five lives. In the wake of this devastating event, Governor Pat Quinn is urging officials to take action. He reportedly directed Illinois transportation officials and law enforcement personnel to determine if extra safety measures could be taken in the area in addition to putting a warning out to drivers to be extra cautious.

Increased Precautions

The governor's incentive for this call to action is to avoid any further harm caused by drivers who are being inattentive or exhibiting reckless behavior. Both of the fatal accidents that occurred within the I-55 construction zone, just 16 minutes apart, apparently involved semi-trucks. One of the truck drivers is allegedly facing charges related to improperly maintaining his log book, with additional charges potentially coming. The second accident involved two semi-trucks, and was the result of one driver suffering from an apparent medical condition.

The state of Illinois sees its fair share of accidents involving trucks. Illinois continues to request that Congress pass stricter laws regarding trucking regulations. In addition, the governor has asked the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Illinois Toll Highway Authority, and Illinois State Police to collaborate with federal agencies to come up with ways to prevent such accidents in the future.

As a direct result of the July accidents, IDOT installed rumble strips on the roadway approaching the construction zone, and message boards located on the highway instructing motorists to be alert and to report dangerous driving activity to law enforcement. Additional state troopers have been tasked with patrolling the work zone as well.

Perhaps alarmingly, an IDOT spokesman reported that this particular work zone contains many of the most advanced safety features available, and more so than many other zones in the state. This includes decreased speed limits, signs alerting drivers of the construction zone 20 miles in advance, and a monitoring system that gives drivers information on travel times and delays. Detour options were also available in an effort to reduce the volume of traffic on I-55 during construction. Prior to the July accidents, there was supposedly a significant decrease in traffic accidents along the interstate. Representatives from IDOT maintained their commitment to safety and pledged to multiply their efforts in light of the accidents that occurred in July.

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